Kim Kardashian is victim to embarrassing Photoshop fail as she appears on BT Tv advert campaign with just one particular set of false eyelashes on


KIM Kardashian has fallen victim to a rather embarrassing Photoshop fail in which she is only sporting false eyelashes on 1 eye. 

The reality Television star appears on the most recent campaign for BT Tv in which it advertises Television demonstrates and movies it has accessible for consumers. Kim Kardashian sports activities false eyelashes on just 1 eye in Photoshop fail on BT ad On the left is actor James McAvoy as Professor X from the film X Males: Apocalypse and on the proper hand side, Kim’s encounter peers to promote Retaining Up with the Kardashians. And there is something noticeably different about Kim’s eyes – primarily the reality that a single eye is sporting a set of false eyelashes and the other is not. The ad is currently on billboards across the United kingdom and even on the app for the US newspaper The Washington Occasions. But it begs the query how no a single at BT or in their advertising department or agency observed this whopper of a fail just before it went public. This is not the initial time Kim has been at the centre of an airbrushing fail – but they’ve usually been accomplished by her. Supporters observed she had airbrushed her waist mainly because of the wonky door frame In one photo, which she shared on social media, she and Black Chyna posed in front of a mirror in their perform out gear and showed off enviable toned waists… till fans observed the door frame behind them was wonky. Kim admitted she had photoshopped this pic from her wedding ceremony since the colours of the flowers have been not very proper There was also a photo she shared from her wedding day of her and husband Kanye West kissing in front of a wall of flowers which she admitted they had doctored since “the flowers have been off-colour”. And yet another photo she posted also did the rounds when even she observed a single of her arms was missing in a snap with her and friend Jonathan Cheban – but was that her airbrush mistake or a trick of the light?


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