Kanye West Obtaining “Revenge”On Kylie Jenner With Makeup Line?


Is Kanye West starting a makeup line just to get revenge on Kylie Jenner. That is what one particular of the tabloids is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation. 

Final month, TMZ reported West was trademarking his late mother’s identify, Donda, to use for a cosmetics line.


Now Star asserts in its new concern that “konniving Kanye [is] koming for Kylie.” The story says, “Kanye West’s petty conduct has reached a new high, or low, rather, as he prepares to launch a rival makeup line to spite his minor sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner!” “The tension began final year when Kylie inked a deal with Puma, in spite of Kanye’s Yeezy collaboration with Adidas.


Now the vindictive rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian, is stuck in the middle,” claims the magazine. A so-called “family friend” tells the outlet, “He’s had it out for Kylie ever since the Puma fiasco, that is a hundred % why he’s executing this line. What on earth does Kanye West know, or care, about makeup?” What’s more is the publication contends Kardashian is struggling to “reign in her bratty husband,” with its tipster alleging, “She’s very wary of upsetting Kanye but has begged him to let go of his grudge. So far it’s not working.”


Adds the tabloid, “Revenge is a dish very best served cold… in the beauty aisle!” But West’s prospective cosmetics line has practically nothing to do with “revenge” or “spite.” It also has absolutely nothing to do with Jenner. This is an plan the rapper has had for many years, long before the teen launched her line last year. In reality, in accordance to a company prepare West even shared on Twitter, he’s also interested in add-ons and even spas and salons. On top of that, West went about trademarking “Donda” for feasible future use, not since he has a makeup assortment imminently in the functions. There’s also no “grudge” in between the performer and his renowned sibling-in-law. Although West was admittedly upset about the Puma dust-up early last yr, Jenner even now attended his New York Trend Week Present in September, months following the dispute.


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