Kylie Jenner To Blac Chyna: I Refuse To Be Your Bridesmaid


Is Kylie Jenner presently ruining Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s wedding ceremony? Blac desires to call truce by getting her long term sister-in-law stand by her side at the altar — but Kylie apparently wants nothing to do with it. Get the scoop on why Kylie refuses to be Blac’s bridesmaid ! As Blac ‘s ex’s girlfriend, of course Kylie is going to be at least a minor uncomfortable with attending Blac and Rob ‘s nuptials. But apparently Kylie is “totally towards the wedding ceremony,” in accordance to an InTouch insider. When it seems like a sweet gesture for Blac, 28, to want Kylie and her long term sister-in-laws in her wedding ceremony, the Rob’s 19-12 months-outdated tiny sis supposedly sees it as Blac’s possibility to sabotage! 

So why has Kylie already determined she does not want to be a bridesmaid. “She fears Chyna will deliberately make her dress in a frumpy, low cost-looking dress,” the supply added. Oh dear, speak about worrying a little also significantly! Contemplating Blac is about to develop into component of Rob’s household, there is no way she’d want to start their married lifestyle off with a different battle with Kylie…right?


We suppose we cannot blame Kylie for staying worried thinking of her feuds with Blac from the previous. But considering that Blac and Rob grew to become an item (and specifically given that Blac received pregnant with his baby), their poor blood has seemingly simmered — and aside from, we’d feel drama would be the last issue Blac would want on her wedding ceremony day! From what the insider is saying, though, it sounds like Kylie and her sisters are not specifically building the wedding ceremony setting up a smooth approach. Not only is Kylie refusing to be a bridesmaid, but Khloe is also apprehensive about it and Kim is afraid Blac will “steal her style” for the wedding ceremony. And on prime of all of that, Kris Jenner is apparently attempting to get handle of the entire issue! C’mon women, can’t we all just get along?!


If this pettiness doesn’t halt, the insider explained that Rob does not even care if his sisters are at the wedding ceremony.


He just would like them to be delighted for him!


Hopefully all people can come to an agreement soon, simply because we’d dislike to see the Kardashian clan torn apart on this kind of a unique day!


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