University trustees chairman's tweets on Caitlyn Jenner, yoga pants draw fire


The controversy erupted last week, when a student posted tweets from Michael C. Marcon, chairman of the trustees and a 1986 Ursinus grad who will work as an insurance coverage executive, reviews. Some of the tweets presented by prior to they were removed by Marcon contain: "Received to really like a janitor with a 'Ban Fracking Now' sticker on his bucket. 

Barack is obviously reaching his target demographic," mentioned 1 of the tweets. "Yoga pants?


Per my DTW visual survey, only 10 % of users should be sporting them. The rest will need to be in sweats - or truly get dressed," mentioned yet another. A third, which was a retweet, referred to Caitlyn Jenner: "Bruce Jenner acquired 25 K for speaking engagements. Caitlyn gets $100K. What wage gap?" An Ursinus School board member has resigned over the concern, and referred to as for Marcon to stage down, stated the report. David Bloom stated he was upset that Marcon did not promptly apologize but attempted to "rationalize and justify his published writings." Marcon reportedly issued a statement Monday evening saying he was "sorry for generating a scenario that has led to aggravation, confusion and disappointment.


Additional is expected of a trustee, and I resolve to reside up to the college's higher requirements."


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