Kanye West Does not Understand Why Ray J Is Mad About His VMAs Speech


Back in June, Kanye West shocked the world when he debuted his music video for “Famous.” The video induced a stir because it capabilities daily life-size replicas of absolutely everyone from Ye’s ex Amber Rose to wife Kim Kardashian ’s ex, Ray J. In the course of Kanye’s 4-minute speech at the MTV VMAs this past Sunday, he shouted out the two Amber Rose and Ray J just before premiering yet another music video for “Fade.” 

Ray J is reportedly upset that Kanye has gone from blasting him in excess of the intercourse tape and songs like “I Hit It First” to supporting him now that Ray J’s previous partnership with Kim suits Kanye’s lead to. Paparazzi caught up with Ye outdoors of the Mercer Hotel in NYC and advised him the information. “We’re all the same bed,” explained Kanye. “I don’t recognize why people would get mad.”


Then, in genuine Kanye fashion, he went on to say that he desires to style uniforms for all Chicago schools as a “starting point for ending classism and bullying around the world.” Kanye West Spent His Four Minutes at the VMAs Shouting Out Significant Men and women


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