Kardashians accused of failing to disclose paid relationships in Instagram posts


Marketplace nonprofit group Truth in Promoting has accused Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner of not properly disclosing industrial relationships with brands they publish about on social media. Reality in Advertising examined about 500 posts on each of the Kardashian sisters’ Instagram accounts and identified a lot more than 100 posts in each and every account that failed to correctly disclose the posts had been paid ads. Pointing out that disclosures for sponsored social media posts are necessary by federal law, the group sent a letter to the Kardashian asking them to include things like an “#ad” disclosure in all their paid Instagram posts. 

The nonprofit Truth in Promoting has brought concerns surrounding correct disclosures of paid influencer posts on social media into the mainstream by spotlighting the practices of the Kardashian clan.


The news comes as the FTC has been increasingly cracking down on failures to disclose commercial relationships in paid influencer posts. “We’ve been interested in deceptive endorsements for decades and this is a new way in which they are appearing," Michael Ostheimer, the FTC Ad Practice Division's deputy, just lately advised Bloomberg. "We think people put stock in endorsements and we want to make sure they are not staying deceived.”


Earlier this 12 months, the FTC came down on Warner Bros..


Lord & Taylor, and gaming network Machinima for running influencer marketing efforts on YouTube and Instagram that didn’t consist of appropriate disclosures.


These moves indicate that the FTC is placing the onus on the manufacturers — and not the influencers — in creating certain that sponsored social campaigns incorporate the appropriate disclosures. The Kardashians could be the most high profile influencers to entice consideration in excess of failures to disclose paid relationships, but they are absolutely not the first. Research by influencer advertising company SheSpeaks observed that 25% of influencers have been asked by brand names to not disclose paid posts, even though 95% reported producing it a point to appropriately disclose brand relationships in sponsored posts.


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