Kanye West's "Popular"Video Is Now on YouTube


Since Kanye West unveiled his video for "Renowned" on June 24, some have hailed the performer as a true artist, some have called his perform "disturbing" and some featured in the video have lashed out. Either way, the video is now accessible for the masses. 

West's video, initially released at a Los Angeles event and later on Tidal, is now offered on YouTube. "Well-known" characteristics naked figures of Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Caitlyn Jenner and George Bush in bed collectively with West and his wife Kim Kardashian.


Chris Brown, also witnessed in the video, responded to the video on Instagram after seeing his likeness, complaining about his "plumbers butt" just before calling West "talented, but crazy." Lena Dunham named it "1 of the a lot more disturbing 'artistic' efforts in latest memory."


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