Did Kim Kardashian Thoughts Seeing Herself Naked In Bed With A Taylor Swift Wax Figure?


Kim Kardashian may not have the greatest connection with Taylor Swift, but does that also apply to her wax figure? 

Kanye West produced the bold selection to contain them both in his ‘Famous’ video, something that may possibly have rocked the boat a little too difficult! We all know that Taylor Swift. 26, is definitely horrified more than Kanye West ‘s “Famous” music video. Duh. You know, Kim Kardashian. 35, and Taylor have been feuding recently, and Kanye place wax figures of both women collectively in bed with him and a ton of other celebs for a fake orgy. So how is Kim feeling about this? The reply is rather surprising. “In this case however, she genuinely did get it,” the source continued to tell HollywoodLife.com. “Being popular is what her existence is about, so for Kanye to consider a search at it from his viewpoint was incredible.” Wow! Not a good deal of important other people, and specially wives, would be this great about their husband’s “artistic vision” — or showing the planet her naked entire body in bed with a fake George W. Bush and Anna Wintour ! Not to mention one of her present enemies! Needless to say, Kim’s not in the squad. As if Kanye’s “Famous” wasn’t hurtful enough for Taylor (music video and song), Kim had to reignite the controversy just days ahead of the video dropped in an intimate interview with. Kim informed the mag that yes, Taylor okayed the lyrics to “Famous”. “I really feel like me and Taylor may well still have intercourse / Why? I made that bitch famous”. Ugh. “Taylor does not hold anything against Kim,” a spokesperson for Tay told magazine in response to Kim’s scathing interview. “as she recognizes the pressure Kim have to be under and that she is only repeating what she has been informed by Kanye West.


However, that does not modify the truth that a lot of what Kim is saying is incorrect.”


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