South Park Creators Mock Kanye West’s New Video Game


South Park is a television giant no stranger to sticking it to the biggest of names, with a specific affinity for lampooning a single Kanye West. Back in 2009, the plan ran a hilarious episode of their thirteenth season in which Kanye realised (soon after significantly prompting) that he was a gay fish with an appetite for “fishsticks.” Who could forget these heartfelt lyrics: “I wasn’t getting accurate/even though absolutely everyone mentioned/that I had to make a switch/now I know that I’m a gay fish.” Then, two years in the past in the season 17 episode “The Hobbit”, the show took a swipe at his companion Kim Kardashian in an episode in which West read a story about Hobbits, which was in turn an allegory for his and Kim’s relationship. That episode was specifically memorable for a scene in which Kanye interrupts the Pope at a ceremony in buy to explain to a crowd that Kardashian cannot be a Hobbit because “she doesn’t flip blue when there are Goblins all around.” South Park is at it again, with creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker taking to the stage at the E3 conference to launch their newest joke at Yeezy’s expense, the pair exclusively taking aim at Kanye`s forthcoming video game Only A single, which follows the story of his deceased mom on her journey to heaven. It just so takes place that South Park also has the idea for a game titled South Park: The Fractured But Total. As Parker explains: “There’s a gay fish in South Park, and he loves fish sticks, and the gay fish truly wants you to assist him get his mother into heaven, so you get to journey up and support this minor gay fish get his mom into heaven.” Parker then took a leaf out of Kanye’s book to chide the crowd for laughing, telling them that “You’re all acting like shit’s typical. This shit is tough. I hope you all saw the Kanye factor.” Matt and Trey talking about Kanye's game Only 1 is however to have a release date, but the trailer seems pretty whack. Check out it out below. 

No reaction from Kanye West himself has been received as nevertheless, although he was incredibly humble after his very public slamming in “Fishsticks” back in 2009, stating that “I really have been functioning on my ego” and “As prolonged as I act like a bitch, this sort of shit will take place to me”, even thanking South Park for its portrayal of him and his crew.


That particular episode poked entertaining at the man himself although and not a undertaking that, although on the surface could appear type of misguided and ridiculous, includes his deceased mom and is obviously very dear to his heart. It was also accomplished with the softer edge of an animated television comedy and not in such a public and private method.


Difficult to picture today’s Kanye taking this really well but it remains to be seen. Who understands however?


Possibly he will lend South Park the same inspiration that he gave this upcoming rapper when their paths crossed last year.


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