Why would anyone want to keep up with the Kardashians?


I grew up in Calabasas, California, which is also where Kris Jenner, mom of the "Maintaining Up With the Kardashians" crew, lives. The fact that a great portion of the show is filmed in my hometown was my excuse for watching an episode. 

An outdated pal of mine had informed me that it really is really worth watching to see Calabasas landmarks on Television, so I watched an episode with the hope that maybe Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might shell out a check out to my childhood property or some thing. For the record, they did not. Possibly they will up coming week. I will in no way know.


I am by no means going to voluntarily waste any more time on the display again. Never get me wrong.


I'm not immune to the guilty pleasures of so-called "reality" television.


I acquired in on the ground floor twenty years in the past when MTV launched "The Genuine Planet," when a bunch of lovely twenty-somethings voted on whether to kick a surly bike messenger named Puck out of their house. I loved "The Osbournes" since heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne turned out to be a doddering fussbudget whose misadventures were entertaining to But the Kardashians left me baffled.


As I slogged by means of the episode, which consisted of Kim K. moving out of her mother's residence and Rob K. utilizing Instagram to make entertaining of the healthful foods his mother bought for him, I kept questioning what it was that I was supposed to be retaining up with. Honestly, this is it? This is the display that presages the decline and fall of Western civilization? People rail on the Kardashians since they're supposedly terrible human beings, but practically nothing I saw was notably morally repugnant or offensive. It was just forty minutes about coordinating schedules with moving vans and things. Individuals are the kinds of factors that bore me to tears when I have to do them in my very own daily life.


Why would I want to view other individuals do them, even if these other folks do them in homes that are significantly a lot more costly than mine? Significantly, I didn't get it at all. All I saw was a bunch of pretty ordinary people undertaking fairly ordinary issues.


Whilst they could have gained their notoriety for past depravity, now that they're popular adequate to have their very own display, we get to observe them go grocery purchasing. It is extremely hard to escape the irony that the only explanation that anyone needs to view these folks is simply because they are wealthy and rather, but the only cause they're wealthy and fairly is that they are becoming paid so folks can watch them. Which came initial, the Kardashian chicken or the Kardashian egg?


If that sounds uninteresting, then now you know why I have kept up with the Kardashians as considerably as I intend to in this lifetime.


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